Dishes in the Fridge

"People don't want to genocide cats"

A play about values, love, and growing up

by Amine Salmi

Aug 15–17th, 7pm,
Little Angel Theatre

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The Play

Dishes in the Fridge actors on a rehearsal

You get older. You tune out of causes that matter to you. Is it growth, or is it just hypocrisy?

Mark, once a left-wing activist, got betrayed by his girlfriend Eleanor and his best friend Greg. Ten years later, settled in a middle-class life with Claire, Mark has his world upended when Eleanor and Greg reappear.

Dishes in the Fridge is an exploration of connections between our relationships, politics, and growth. Witness our protagonists navigating their loyalties and feelings, as they're forced to face the lies they tell themselves and discover whether their love can get them through.

First performed on The Cockpit's stage, Dishes in the Fridge comes to the Camden Fringe.

Aug 15–17th, 7pm,
Little Angel Theatre

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The Cast

Ben Cumming as Mark

Starting with his young debut for the Anna Scher Theatre School, Ben has given three decades of performances on stage and screen - from Force of Nature: Eroticism and Death (Angel Lee Ensemble) to Julian Barnes' The Sense of an Ending (Origin Pictures). He was called back to the theatre with City Academy in 2022 following a six-year sabbatical, appearing in Suspicion (Debut Theatre Company) and One Man, Two Guvnors (The Actors’ Company). He went on to study Advanced Acting Fundamentals at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

photo of Ben Cumming

Greta Demertzi as Eleanor

Greta Demertzi is a London based actress and writer, originally from Greece. In 2022 she graduated from Actor's Door Studio from a 2 Year Drama Course, where she learned to approach character on the basis of the Meisner technique. She is represented by Tarquin Talent Management.

Since her graduation, she has worked on a few short films and projects both as an actress and production manager, and is currently in the process of writing her first short film.

Aside from acting, she is a classically trained pianist and enjoys singing whilst accompanying herself on guitar. Having a passion for languages, aside from English, she is also fluent in Italian and French., Spotlight

photo of Greta Demertzi

Loreena Mitzscherling as Claire

Loreena Mitzscherling is a German actress and writer. She’s been training with a series of short-term courses and workshops in London since 2015. Loreena is passionate about literature, poetry, and mythology.

Last year, she co-wrote, produced, and acted in her own Camden Fringe show ELECTRA, a Greek-myth inspired drama, as well as performed in several other theatre productions in addition to making her feature film debut., Spotlight

photo of Loreena Mitszcherling

Claudio Esposito as Greg

With his roots in Milan, a passion for storytelling through filmmaking and a yearning to perform, Claudio's journey has only just begun. Three years ago he started taking acting classes, discovered a whole new world on the stage and fell in love with it instantly. Fueled by his determination, Claudio is eager to dive deeper into the acting realm, constantly improving his skills and seizing every opportunity that comes his way.

photo of Claudio Esposito

Edward Godfrey as Steve

This is the first performance on an independent script for Ed as previous roles have included Captain Lesgate in the play adaptation of Dial M for Murder, Romeo in Romeo and Juliet, Clown 2 in the 39 Steps and in web series and voice over work. Having been cast as Steve he is excited to work alongside such a talented cast and crew for such a well choreographed and thought provoking original script.

photo of Edward Godfrey

Aug 15–17th, 7pm,
Little Angel Theatre

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It Takes a Village

Amine Salmi writer, director

Amine is a French-Algerian actor and playwright. He first engaged in the world of acting in 2017 through short courses to discover and hone his skills before refining his craft further by studying the first precepts of the Meisner technique.

Over the past few years, Amine has performed on stage in some small theatres. This year, Amine is focusing on playwriting and directing with his first play to be soon produced in theatre.

photo of Amine Salmi

Dan Groshev producer

A startup software executive by day, Dan come into acting out of curiosity, performing Brian in New Labour with Assemble Theatre Company in 2022. New friendships and new projects ensued, and soon after Dishes in the Fridge project was born.

What started as a bunch of ideas and values shared by Dan and Amine soon grew into a play, a company, and a performance, bringing new take on old problems to a Camden Fringe stage.

photo of Dan Groshev
Cédrine Pradier
Graphic designer
Victor Rudkov
Graphic and print designer
Ian Fisher
Music producer
Rimika Solloway

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Aug 15–17th, 7pm,
Little Angel Theatre

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